The heart of
Dr. Michael Freeman

It is the heart’s desire of Dr. Michael Freeman, Pastor of SOFCC, to help members attain a better economic position. Believing that “What Christians are buying, Christians should be  supplying,” the I.C.E.. Business Network was formed.

To enhance and develop integrity, character and excellence in the businesses owned by partners of Spirit of Faith Christian Center and provide a platform for networking, training and visibility.

Christian Business Conduct
Each participant endeavors to render quality products and services to its customers at all times. No false representations shall be made of any product or service at any time. Participants shall be honest; demonstrating integrity in business. As Christian business owners, we acknowledge and confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of our lives. We, therefore, strive to handle our business affairs in a manner that is pleasing to God.


The purpose of I.C.E. is to teach business owners and entrepreneurs how Christians should operate their businesses, using practical applications of Biblical principals. Operating business with integrity, character and excellence is key to having satisfied customers which results not only in repeat business but having those satisfied customers help grow your business by word-of-mouth advertising.

Business owners are provided a professional venue to network, strategize and gain vital information in order to be productive and competitive in today’s ever increasing business community. By adhering to our purpose, I.C.E. becomes an integral link in contributing to and assisting the vision which God has called our Pastor to carry out in the earth realm.

In the Old Testament, we see an example of Priests and Kings.  The Priests were anointed by God to handle spiritual matters and were given the vision.  Kings, on the other hand, were anointed by God to handle matters in the physical realm and brought in the provision.  Revelations 1:6 states that Jesus has "made us kings and priests unto God." I.C.E., therefore, is a modern day fulfillment of this scriptural example, where both anointings fulfill their responsibility and come together in partnership.  One to give the vision (Priests) and one to bring in the provision (Kings). When this is accomplished, we fulfill our mission to glorify God in the marketplace by doing business with integrity, character and excellence and coming into partnership with the God-given vision given to our Pastor to bring in the provision for the work of the ministry.