I.C.E. Leader helps to Paint a Pretty Picture!
I.C.E. member Derrick Watts (Sunrise Painting Co.) connected with I.C.E. Director Anthony T. (“Tony”) Adams Sr. seeking to break into the area of commercial painting. After years of performing quality service on a residential level, Derrick sought Tony’s advice on how to move to the next level. As a result, he was awarded a major contract on one of Tony’s upscale condominium projects and, as a result of his excellent work, has been added to the “preferred vendor” list which will provide consistent opportunities to perform the commercial type work that he seeks. I.C.E. Networking Works!

I.C.E. Member makes Business Connection with I.C.E. Speaker
I.C.E. member Minister Jennette Hughes has made the ultimate “connection” as a result of her participation in the second I.C.E. event held on January 26, 2008.  Featured speaker Dr. Robert Wallace is the CEO of the Bith Group, Inc. an international IT consulting firm doing business in the US and internationally.  After having purchased one of Dr. Wallace’s books at the conclusion of his presentation, she provided him with one of her business cards. That sparked a conversation about her business which is providing background investigations for government and nongovernmental employers.  The following week, a Senior Vice President from Dr. Wallace’s company , drove to Minister Hughes’ offices and had a three hour discussion on how they could partner on a government contract that is to be awarded to Dr. Wallace’s’ company.  In addition, Dr. Wallace’s’ company has referred government officials and contractors to Minister Hughes’ company and the inquiries have started to pour in regarding their unique service offering. I.C.E. Networking Works!